Trading room

Our trading room is located in one of the world’s most famous cities Dubrovnik, which is our home town. We are situated in hotel Rixos Libertas*****, on the very coast of the Adriatic sea. As we find that the working enviroment is of high importance in any business, we have arranged for our office to be at the highest level possible. In the world of investment, especially such as stock and forex market what we need is to feel relaxed and to be ready to make outstanding performance each and every day.

Aureus Invest trading desk 2018
Aureus Invest office/trading desk
Aureus Invest Intro2019
Aureus Invest Bloomberg Terminal

We are surrounded by beautiful facilities in which we enjoy after working hours; bars, wellness, restaurants, night club, beaches and much more. That’s why, we are looking forward to meet you here and we are more then ready to show our hospitality.

Aureus Invest Rixos