Stop-Loss hunting; scam or regular move?

Considering my yesterday’s article about stop loss, I will write today about so called ‘stop loss hunting’. I will try to explain shortly, what is Stop-Loss hunting and why it happens in the regular market and how the unserious brokers scam the clients with this metod. I am aware that most of the small retail traders think that, this is usual manipulation in the market, but it’s not. They are just partially right. Why?

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The eternal question, to use stop loss or not?

Well, it’s not easy to answer on this very delicate question, but… I usually suggest that you should always use a Stop Loss, to prevent you’re capital from huge decline and big loss. Must say that I stand by that oppinion for most of the retail traders. But, what’s the most important in that case is, how to use the same!? I know that, many of you are losing to much with stop losses as well and that you think it’s better not to use it, right!? Well, you are right too. So, how to decide what to do and when you’re wrong?

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