What’s new with Aureus Invest

Since I’ve been writing for two years about my hedge fund potential launching I feel obligated as a founder to write a few words about the whole process and current status. As my idea of founding the hedge fund came from 2016, that was the beginning of the pre registration procedure which I finished after two months. During that period, I started with the preparation of the funds trading strategy and started to talk with several potential partners, I could say like a seed investors. During the 3rd Q of 2016 I made a $million agreement in my office with a person well known in this bussines at that time. Unfortunatelly, Read more

Wall Street’s best and brightest investors in New York Ira Sohn conference

Ira Sohn conference is on today on May 08. 2017. Since 1995, the world-renowned Sohn Investment Conference, held annually in New York, has been the premier investment event, bringing the world’s savviest investors together to share fresh insights and money-making ideas to benefit the Sohn Conference Foundation’s work to end childhood cancer.

Wall Street’s best and brightest investors participate in this unique, “must attend” event to share their expertise with an audience of more than 3,000 people, Read more

Marty ‘the Pit Bull’ Schwartz; the best TA day trader in the world

Mr. Marty Schwartz run his acount up from $40,000 to $20 million by trading. He have a documented record of making 1000% a year, for seven straight years, using a million of US dollars. He is also the winner of several trading Championships, most of the time making more money than all participants together. He was originaly a Wall Street stock analyst, turned up to be a independent futures and options day trader and technical analyst. He is also known as a big advocate of the moving averages. If someone asked Mr.Schwartz, is that technical analysis realy works, he repllied that he used a fundamental analysis for 9 years and get rich as a technical analyst. Read more

Investors pulled $70 billion from hedge funds in 2016

This was largest ourflow since 2009 when investors withdrew over $130 billion from hedge funds. Since 2009 was a year of the recesion and market collapses, we can find in this data a different reason and that’s probably a very low return in average in 2016. Acording to the HFR data, hedge funds delivered an average return of  5,6%  in 2016, well under the 11% gain of the S&P 500 last year. Well, we can say that investors are not satisfied with the profit, which is really too small in this industry. Eurekahedge is even more dramatic with the data, with 3,6% in average return in 2016, globaly. Read more