Gold lost only 1.55 percent in 2018

After amaizing rally in December 2017, gold opened 2018 at 1302.90. As buyers continue tu push price furder, gold reached the high price of the year 1358.46 in early 2018 at January 24. That level becomes the strong resistance which buyers couldn’t break for weeks, after which sellers took over the precious metal in middle April. Until middle August gold price fell for 13.5 percent to 1174.16, the low of the year on August 16. Buyers woke up at that level and took the precious metal once again, pushing the price back toward the 2018 opening price, Read more

LBMA reveal daily gold turnover data on London and Zurich OTC market for the first time in history

LBMA-i market data makes it possible for market participants to gauge the size and shape of the precious metals market for the first time in history. The data represent all LBMA Market Makers’ and some Full Members’ share of the Loco London and Loco Zurich OTC markets. Data is displayed as an average over a business calendar week, and will be released each Tuesday for the previous week.  Thereafter, daily data will be made available on a T+1 basis and can be licensed directly from Simplitium. Read more

Gold is up 13% in 2017, same as the EUR/USD

Gold opened 2017 at 1250 and in the same week reached low of the year at 1246. During the middle of the year, 1300 and 1200 was levels of resistance and support, after which gold reached a top of the year at 1357 on September 08. The fall has started returning the precious metal at 1260, with 1300 again as a resistance level. In the beggining of December, the sellers have tried to push the precious metal toward 1200 level, but 1240 was a strong support and point of return on FED’s decision to hike the rate. From that level gold is going up for 3rd week in a row, reaching 1293 today and it seams that it could end the year near 1300. Read more