Bitcoin mania

If your neighbor did not buy bitcoin, that’s must be strange, right!? There is a real Bitcoin mania out there in the moment and it looks like there is no end of Bitcoin price growth. I have so many questions lately like, why the Bitcoin price is going up so fast almost every day? Should I buy a Bitcoin, is it too late? Is it true that the Bitcoin will reach a $100,000? Etc…

Well, from my perspective, I have several meaningful answers on those questions. At first, the most important one. The price is going up sharply because everyone talks about it, everyone writes about it and because of that everyone want’s to buy it! Read more

How did the media and analysts deceived traders about the Bitcoin ‘crash’

I don’t trade Bitcoin, but I follow the news and developments with crypto currencies preaty much. What was interesting for me in about month ago were the headlines of the possible Bitcoin and other crypto currencies crash in the coming period. Everybody was writing about the same thing, the Bitcoin ‘will crash’ soon. Of course, such a headlines, which were on the top of the news in June/July forced most of the traders to sell the crypto currencies, which caused the additional fall of the Bitcoin from $2,400 to aprox $1,800. Sure, ‘the big boys’ were ready there to fill up their bags and they push the same back and way above the previous high ($3,000) to aprox $4,000. Such a developments are usualy with purpose to make a bigger story from it, so watch it furder. This could be just a beginning. Read more