The performance presented in this page have made by our Fund Manager Mario Urlic, all in 2017. Since Mario is specialized in short-term highly profitable strategies, the only opportunity for the investors is a short-term investment as well. There are several FXtreme© trading strategies tested on real accounts and based on this performances, we have developed a short term investment opportunities for small private investors, “FXtreme Easy x2” and “Fxtreme Aggressive x3”. Please check the offers here >>> GO

“FXtreme Easy x2”

aureus invest performance 30K

“FXtreme Aggressive x2”

aureus invest performance 9K

“FXtreme Aggressive x3”

Aureus Invest Performance 3,5K

“FXtreme Aggressive x5”

aureus invest performance 10K


*Notice: Please read the investment risk rules in our investors page, which are strictly determinated by our risk management!