Psychology in trading

How important is psychology in trading? In fact, based on my experience, psychology is the most important part of trading. If we consider that the purpose of trading is earning money, psychology will be 90 percent of your success, everything else like; technical and fundamental analysis, experience or knowledge, market moves understanding will fitt in 10 percent. I assure you that this is the ratio if you trade on your own, manually. That’s how, solving the same, which is extremely hard, will give you the opportunity to succeed in trading Read more

UK Parliament and Brexit; What a Circus

What a circus in UK Parliament lately, especially today. The British Parliament emphatically rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal by 344 votes to 286 today for a third time, but tooday with 58 votes, which was much narrower than the 230 votes loss from in January, if that difference means anything now. The UK Parliament failed to back a Brexit plan after months of trying throwing the U.K. deeper into a political crisis that shows no sign of ending. Read more

FED leaves rates unchanged

Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement

Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in January indicates that the labor market remains strong but that growth of economic activity has slowed from its solid rate in the fourth quarter. Payroll employment was little changed in February, but job gains have been solid, on average, in recent months, and the unemployment rate has remained low. Read more