Management team

Mario Urlic

Mario Urlic • Founder, CEO & Fund Manager

Mario started to trade stocks in 2003 and has made a turnover of $20 million by trading with personal account. He has extensive experience in the stock markets gained by working as a branch manager for regulated stock broker HITA SECURITIES Inc., 2007 » 2016, through which he turned over $160 million. Mario started to trade on forex in 2010 and during 2015 and 2016 he developed a unique highly profitable trading strategy named FXtreme® . He is well known currency trader and analyst, world famous with his market move predictions in a blog 》

Nikolina Urlic • CFO & Risk Manager

Nikolina has been Mario’s ‘better half’ for more then 20 years and they have two beautiful daughters together. Mario states that Nikolina is the one who began trading with stocks in 2003, after which he got a desire to try. In 2007 Nikolina started to work as a stock broker in the branch office of the HITA SECURITIES Inc. That’s how she has got an extensive experience in the stock markets as well, through which she has turned over $100 million by trading for clients. She turned over $5 million in trading stocks with her’s personal account.

Tina Urlic

Tina Urlic • Back office/Junior Trader

Tina is Mario’s and Nikolina’s older daughter, born in the middle of war in Croatia 1994. As she is parents copy paste, she is highly interested in investment world. Tina is still a student of the American college, but she allready have a working experience as she works on each summer holidays. Tina spent 3 summers working on Dubrovnik Airport and 2017 summer in hotel Rixos Libertas. Now, she will join our team partially.