Founder and CEO

Hi. My name is Mario Urlic, I am the founder of Aureus Invest. Previously I was a branch manager of Hita Securities Inc. from Zagreb for 10 years (2007»2017), regulated brokerage and investment company with over 30,000 clients. I am 16 years in trading, from which I traded stocks full time from 2003 to 2012 since I’ve been trading forex.

I held forex and stocks educations for students of 2nd and 3rd year of Economics and Business Economics, University of Dubrovnik and even for Erasmus students during summer. From 2014 I write blog where you can find more then 800 articles about the forex various topics. I personally helped hundreds of traders around the world with my advices. All my educations and help are free of charge.

As I trade FX full time since 2012, I’ve developed several personal strategies named “FXtreme. I am specialized in short term trading with gold and oil.

“Most people talk, I analyse and trade each day. They have plans, I invest money year by year how to perfect my strategies. They hesitate, I move forward and pass all the difficulties on the way to success. I am a living proof that persistance and courage can transform a dream into reality”


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