Aureus Invest Ltd.

“Aureus Invest Ltd.” is registered company under number: 10681768. It’s incorporated on 21st March of 2017, with address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N17GU, United Kingdom. Company type is private limited.

Why Aureus Invest?

Mario Urlic, the founder, decided to named the company Aureus Invest because of the colleration in between him, the Aureus coin and our trading strategy. ‘The Aureus’ is a golden coin from ancient Rome, but the one which describes us and our business nature the best is the one from 69AD to 79AD, the Imperial of Vespasian with raging bull from the back side.

aureus coin

This coin totaly represent our expertise and Mario’s nature. At first, Mario is globaly well known as a gold analyst and trader, as gold spot is the main ‘element’ of his personal trading strategy FXtreme®. On the other hand, looking at his persistence to succeed in the most difficult financial market, neglecting all the difficulty in this way, we can’t describe him differently than as a raging bull who has only one goal, to win and to succeed.