Analysis, Education and Proprietary Trading

Since 2003 we analyse and trade stocks, in which period we have made a $180 million of turnover in the stock market. In foreign exchange we trade since 2010, with turnover of more then a $1 billion on real accounts. We also write about the FX market and educate since 2014 in our blog Forex Trader. During the past three years we wrote over 700 articles, from which over 500 technical analysis. In 2017 during the obligations with the companies we reduced the writting on longer term market views. We educate amateur and help experienced traders to get the best insight into the most complex market in the world. You can check the latest articles here, or visit the Forex Trader blog »»»

Aureus Invest education
Each year, we educate students of 2nd and 3rd year of economics and business economics, Univesity of Dubrovnik. While Nikolina shows all the secrects of the stock market, Mario presents the Forex market live.