Analysis and Education

Since 2012 we analyse exclusivelly the foreign exchange market and following the global economic developments and monetary policies. We start to write about the market movements and analysis in 2014 at the Admiral Markets blog, in 2015 in our own blog Forex Trader. During 2015/2016 we wrote over 700 articles, from which over 500 technical analysis. During 2017 we mostly worked on the psichological side of trading and reduce the writting on longer term market views, covering only the central banks decisions. With our articles we help amateur and experienced traders to get the best insight into the most complex market in the world. Visit the Forex Trader blog here »»»

As every year at the University of Dubrovnik’s request, we organize an educational day for students of 2nd and 3rd year of economics and business economics. While Nikolina shows the students all the secrets of the stock markets, Mario presents the forex market and introduces live the magical world of the speculation. We believe that through our presentations students see all the advantages of the financial markets realistically and acquire the first real impressions of the same. We are aware that, through theory learning at the faculty they don’t have that possibility. We are happy to share our expereince with young students each year.

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