Aureus Invest is an uncoventional proprietary trading firm founded by professionals with more then 14 years in trading. We invest our capital strategically across different asset classes such as Equities, CFDs, ETFs, Options/Futures, Commodities and Foreign Exchange. In between those opportunities, we are mostly focused on forex and gold spot strategies with short term trading. We seek to capitalize on these opportunities in order to ensure the necessary liquidity for our company and how to multiply our capital long term.

Our structure provides a unique place for innovations and opportunity for employees to work in best possible environment. It’s a place where you can learn about the best highly profitable short and long term trading strategies, such as our personal strategy ‘FXtreme’. Aureus Invest Ltd. is registered in London United Kingdom, with trading room in Dubrovnik Croatia.


Aureus Invest Hedge Fund

Our mission is to become a hedge fund as we have started the registration procedure. Investors and partners are welcome, all the details will be explained on meeting, or on personal request.


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