Aureus Invest Ltd., London UK is registered company under number: 10681768, incorporated on March 21st 2017.

We are currently a non client prop company, but all preparations for a hedge fund have been made and the final registration and launching is expected during 2018. Aureus Invest (IC Sicav Plc.) will be an umbrela fund registered in Valletta Malta, operational in Dubrovnik CRO and in London UK,  regulated by the MFSA and FCA, CF-30 licence.

Mario Urlic

Mario Urlic • Founder, CEO & Fund Manager

After the war ended in Croatia in 1996, Mario immediately started with his entrepreneurship career. In 2001 he recived the award as one of the most successful businessmans of the year. Mario started to trade stocks in 2003 and has made a turnover of $20 million by trading with personal account. He has extensive experience in the stock markets gained by working as a branch manager for regulated stock broker HITA SECURITIES Inc., 2007 » 2016, through which he turned over $160 million. Mario started to trade on forex in 2010 and during 2015 and 2016 he developed a unique highly profitable trading strategy named FXtreme®. He is well known currency trader and analyst, world famous with his market move predictions in a blog 》forextrader.live

Structure sheme

Aureus Invest Umbrella structure2018
Complete details will be published after the registration procedure

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