About us

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Mario Urlic • Founder/CEO

Mario Urlic is the founder and CEO of Aureus Invest. Mario was previously branch manager at Hita Securities Inc. for 10 years (2007»2017), a regulated brokerage and investment company with over 30,000 clients.

Prior to Aureus Invest, Mr. Urlic was one of the most successful stock traders at the Croatian Stock Exchange. He started to trade stocks in 2003 with personal capital of $25,000, which he turned in to $500,000 until 2007. Mr. Urlic started to trade forex in 2010, from 2012 full time and since 2015 he is globally well known proven expert, world famous with his market move predictions in a blog forextrader.live

Mario spent several years 2016 » 2018 perfecting his asset management strategies with commodities and forex majors, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the experience, needed to become a professional portfolio manager.

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Mr. Urlic is proud of his ancestry and family name that dates back to the 15th century as a noble family who also had a coat of arms. Mario’s father, an engineer spent 25 years in management positions of a company with 170-220 employees, last 10 as a CEO before retirement.

Why Aureus Invest


As Mr.Urlic specializes in analyzing and short term trading with gold spot and crude oil we decided for our comapany name to be related with gold/black gold (oil). In our search we found the Aureus, an ancient Roman gold coin from 76 AD with the raging bull from the back side. As we sow that there is no Aureus Invest name in the financial industry globally, we made an easy decision.

Our goal and current activity

At first, during 2016 we have started with the procedure of the private hedge fund establishment, worked for three years on that field and then decided to quit with the preparations in January 2019. Why? Our CEO described everything here in this article  »»

That’s how, Aureus Invest will stay as an non client firm, with the main activities; fundamental and technical analysis, strategy development and professional counseling in trading. With 16 of experience in trading, we are proven experts for stocks and currency exchange, primary for crude oil, gold spot and majors. The firm will also beside London registration be registered in Croatia in 2019, where we are based with our head office.