About us

Aureus Invest Ltd. is a firm registered 2017 in London UK under number 10681768.

Our main activities; fundamental and technical forex analysis, strategy development and proprietary trading. With 16 of experience in trading we are proven experts for stocks and currency exchange, primary for gold spot, crude oil and majors.

Why Aureus Invest


As we are specializes in analyzing and short term trading with gold spot and crude oil we decided for our company name to be related with gold/black gold (oil). In our search we found the Aureus, an ancient Roman gold coin from 76 AD with the raging bull from the back side, which represents exactly what we do. As we sow that there is no Aureus Invest name in the financial industry globally, we made an easy decision.

Our goal and current activity

At first, during 2016 we have started with the procedure of the private hedge fund establishment, worked for three years on that field and then decided to quit with the preparations in January 2019 as we couldn’t find the quality team to work with.

That’s how, Aureus Invest main activities will be; fundamental and technical analysis, strategy development and fx trading for personal account. Until furder notice, we will still remain a NON client firm, as so far.

Based on this leatest plan changes, we will probably close the firm in London, which supposed to be a back office for our hedge fund and register the same in Dubrovnik Croatia, where we are based with our head office.