We’re selling large quantity of “Barium metal”, purity 99,8%

We’re an exclusive seller of Barium metal, purity 99,8%.

Barium Metal

Quantity: 500-600 kg

Purity: 99,8%

Size: 12×8 cm.

Packaging: Metal tins under parafin of 3,5 – 5,5 kg, nail less boxes (EU cerfitied packing materials)

IGAS analysis

ISE Prices 12/2020 – Barium metal

Check the market prices on ISE

Prices Barium Metal 2020 – Sigma Aldrich and Strem Chemicals

I am at Your disposal for any additional questions and clarifications: mario.urlic@aureusinvest.com

Warning! For online correspodence I don’t use any other e-mail for this subject, after which I don’t talk (Whats app only) with peoples who doesn’t have an official (company or relevant Cu Powder institution) e-mail. Scam protection! My mobile phone starts with these numbers: +385/99/208 ****.

We are ready to receive all serious purchase offers and evaluate the same within 5 working days.

Mario Urlic

Interested for online meeting? Please, book the appointment.

Published by Mario Urlic

Professional commodity trader with 17 years of experience in various markets.

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