Our most traded instruments in 2019

What we traded the most in 2019? As you know, we are specialized in trading with gold and oil and that’s how that was the most traded instruments in 2019. In percentage, we traded oil the most with 58.14%, gold with 39.53% and Gbp/Usd with 2.33%. You will notice how there wasn’t the most global trading instrument Eur/Usd at all and that’s the truth. We think how that was the most boring trading pair in 2019 and that’s why we avoid to trade with it. As the FED returned on monetary policy easing in 2019, for the first time since 2008 and the ECB stick to it’s same plan as well, we didn’t sow any serious opportunity. As you sow, gold and oil was the most interesting in 2019 as always and that’s exactly what we will continue to trade the most in 2020. Because of the Brexit saga during 2019, the Pound provided a several decent opportunities as well and we took some of them.  Our testings and strategy development in 2020 will stay on the same level.

Aureus Invest trading in 2019

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