Erasmus students love Aureus Invest

A small group of Erasmus students visited us again, to learn about Forex from the expert. Apon the agreement with the University of Dubrovnik, they came for a two hours lecturing in which I tried to explain the basics of currencies, market and trading. In the first hour my lecture was focused on central banks, interest rates and fundamental analysis, while in the second hour I was focused on techical analysis and short term trading. According to wishes of the lecturers from the University of Dubrovnik I’ve also explain to students how to use the MT4 trading platform. The students were very excited and interested in every part of my lecture, asking a lot of questions at the end. Sure, two hours are not nearly enough to explain everything, but I’m sure that in their latter lectures at faculties it will be much easier to understand forex and everything related with the most interesting market in the world. I’m always happy to share my experience and knowledge with the young generations. They are always welcome in my office.

Erasmus students and Aureus Invest 2019

Mario Urlic and Aureus Invest Forex lecture
MT4 setup lecture

Erasmus students were in our office a year ago as well 》》


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