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Since I’ve been writing for two years about my hedge fund potential launching I feel obligated as a founder to write a few words about the whole process and current status. As my idea of founding the hedge fund came from 2016, that was the beginning of the pre registration procedure which I finished after two months. During that period, I started with the preparation of the funds trading strategy and started to talk with several potential partners, I could say like a seed investors. During the 3rd Q of 2016 I made a $million agreement in my office with a person well known in this bussines at that time. Unfortunatelly, during 2017 it came up how that person was involved in huge Ponzi scheme in his country, which to me was quite a shock. As he was respecetd and working similar job with his company for 6 years in a highly developed country where there is strong financial control, I didn’t suspect on any ilegal activities, but luckily we didn’t start anything officially. Maybe I should write about fraudsters openly so that someone else will not be fooled, but I do not want to mention names here because he was discovered and brought to justice. Anyway, that took me almost a year of my time, after which I continued to search a potential partner furder.

For me, during this period, no matter what my huge experience in trading, the most important thing was to perfect my trading skills how to manage the hedge fund at the time of the beginning. That’s how I worked day by day with asset management accounts and trained myself. Must say how that was a tough period for me, which I have described in my blog in November 2018. Mario Urlic and Bill Lipschutz; trading with other people’s money. Luckily, I manage to solve all the problems during 2016/2017 and partially 2018, mostly psychological ones. In order not to repeat it, read that article which I wrote where you can see everything I’ve been trough.

To be even worse, another fraud occurred in the beginning of 2018. I made a second $million deal agreement for my fund, with to me a well known person as well, at least, I tought I knew him well. After huge promisess and assurances from his side and after we agreed on every single part of our co-operation, the fund should have been launched in middle 2018. You guessed, that didn’t happen because I was deceived. That person has literally led me to the date of signing the contract and the payments and then without any concrete explanation said how he is not interested. Well, if the first failed deal was for me a shock, you can think of how I felt after this. I simply didn’t understand why certain people are doing it and what is the goal at the end? It took me also a couple of months in 2018, terrible for me of course at the end, once again. Beside that two very serious potential deals, I had also couple of meetings in between, with persons from this business, where we have talked about potential cooperation, but nothing was showed as a serious to me at the end.

Well, no matter that this is all about my private company which I run with my own money and my personal investment, I dont’t need to justify my moves, but since I’m a public person who wrote about it few times, I felt that I had to write something about it. Mostly because all of this bad things and fake deals with obviously not well enough ‘verify people’, I entered in to a Bloomberg Professional network during September 2018, which I wrote about it here. The main reason? To get connected with the real investment world, with verified and proven fund managers, investors and company CEO’s, how to try to make a proper investment or co-operation deal. Of course, as I wanted to be a real professional with my fund, Bloomberg Terminal was an inevitable tool for me, which was also an easy decision to purchase such an amaizing service.

That’s how, Aureus Invest will remain a NON client company as so far, with main focus on analysis and trading for personal account, well known as a proprietary trading.

Aureus Invest Founder and CEO

Mario Urlic potpis2019

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