Gold lost only 1.55 percent in 2018

After amaizing rally in December 2017, gold opened 2018 at 1302.90. As buyers continue tu push price furder, gold reached the high price of the year 1358.46 in early 2018 at January 24. That level becomes the strong resistance which buyers couldn’t break for weeks, after which sellers took over the precious metal in middle April. Until middle August gold price fell for 13.5 percent to 1174.16, the low of the year on August 16. Buyers woke up at that level and took the precious metal once again, pushing the price back toward the 2018 opening price, mostly in November/December, reaching 1282.49, which was the closing price for  2018. At the end, gold lost only 1.55 percent in 2018. Here’s the gold 2018 statistic chart and price moves during past 12 months.

Aureus Invest Gold statistic 2018

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