GOLD reserves 2017 – TOP 10

Here is the latest data of the largest gold holders by the end of 2017 in metric tons. The Nr.1 is still United States with 8,133.5 tons of gold, followed by Germany in 2nd place with 3,373.6 tons of gold and International Monetary Fund (IMF) with 2,814.0 tons of gold in 3rd place.

GOLD reserves 2017

…In 4th place is Italy with 2,451.8 tons of gold, followed by France in 5th place with 2,435.9 tons of gold, China with 1,842.6 tons in 6th place, Russia in 7th place with 1,828.6 tons of gold, Switzerland with 1,040.0 tons of gold is 8th, Japan with 765.2 tons in 9th and Netherland is the last one in TOP 10 with 612.4 tons of gold.

Furder on from 11 to 20 as follows; India with 557.7 tons, Turkey with 525.7 tons, ECB (European Central Bank) with 504.7 tons of gold, Taiwan with 423.6 tons, Portugal with 382.5 tons, Saudi Arabia with 322.9 tons, UK (United Kingdom) with 310.2 tons of gold, Kazakhstan with 295.6 tons, Lebanon 286.8 tons and Spain with 281.5 tons of gold.

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