The stock markets and the euro celebrate the results of the 1st round of French presidential elections

Macron, a pro-European centrist, took first place with 23.9%, while the anti-immigrant, anti-EU Le Pen came second on 21.4%, afater 1st round of the France presidential elections, with 97% of polling stations declared on Monday. Both go through to a runoff on May 7 after emerging top of a fractured field of 11 candidates in the first round.

France elections 1st round results

The French stock markets (CAC40) rose on Monday for more then 4%  and the euro jumped to its highest level since November against the dollar 1.0900 vs 1.0700 closed on Friday. Other Europan main stock markets regards the possibility of Macron’s winning in second round on May 07 with todays results as follow:

  • France CAC40 > 4,14%
  • London FTSE100 > +2,11%
  • Germany DAX30 > +4,72%
  • Euro stoxx > +3,99%
  • EUR/USD at the moment 1.0849 > +1,16%

Interesting day for the markets for sure, I hope that you have took the opportunity today and made some money by short term trading. We will see the results of the second round on May 07. Pools shows huge advantage in favor of Macron 60/40 vs LePen.

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