Aureus Invest becomes a proprietary trading firm

After 12 months of serious preparations for establish a hedge fund and my group, I gave up on the idea and proccess at the end and decided to start a non-client prop trading firm, in which I and my team will trade only with my personal and company capital. Why such a sudden decision and change at the end of the proccess?

To be honest, it’s not so sudden, because I had too much doubts lately on everything and was a little lost in what to do after 14 years in trading. I wanted to launch a hedge fund, but constantly I had toughts that it will not be what I really want. What bothered me the most lately was a totaly different performance when I trade for myself and when I trade for others, despite my huge experience. I failed several times in 2016 because of this issue, after I have made an abnormal profitable, so called FXtreme strategy. I worked on that for 6 years and invest aprox $350K of my personal saving and realized that this don’t work with clients capital. I wrote in my blog partially about that in the review of my 6th year on forex. I mean, I have read so many articles from professional traders and managers about this problem, but I quess that I wanted to ignore the same and to try anyway. At the end, all I can say is that for me, it’s so easy to trade with my personal capital and it’s so hard to trade with clients capital. That’s why at this moment, I have decided rather to trade with my personal $200K, then with clients $2 million.

For all those who think it’s the same, I will give the opportunity to trade for my company. After the evaluation proccess and strict selections of course. I will soon publish the details and rules. For sure, a prop trading is fantastic opportunity if you want to be a professional trader latter on. It gives you a uniqe experience and based on very strict rules in trading, you can easily become a highly disciplined and low risk trader, which is the biggest problem when you trade by your own.

Although I had a lot of offers to trade for prop companies in my career, I never decided on this move because I have always had my personal capital for trading, but I have not studied in detail the system of that business as well. Not until I read an interesting article a few days ago and made a quick decision. True, I have made a couple of interesting meetings lately with potential investors in my hedge fund, but after I notice them what I have decided at the end, they totaly understand and support my decision. I am going furder on my own, same as in the previous 14 years of my trading career.

If you see yourself as a trader for my company, with our capital, follow the news and be ready to react on time.

Aureus Invest is a proprietary trading firm focused on trading and investing our capital strategically across different asset classes such as Equities, CFDs, ETFs, Options/Futures, Commodities and Foreign Exchange. In between those opportunities, we are mostly focused on gold spot trading strategies.

Mario Urlić

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