Aureus Invest Ltd., London UK

In this week on March 21. we have complete the registration proccess of our company Aureus Invest Ltd. in London. Despite the fact that company is registered in UK, our office/trading room will be in Dubrovnik, Croatia as we are preparing for the second stage of our plan, to launch a hedge fund in Malta. For now, this will not be an operational firm, but just a registration.

Here are the main company details:

Name: Aureus Invest Ltd.

Type: Private limited company

Registered number: 10681768

CEO: Mario Urlić

Secretary: Nikolina Urlić

Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England N17GU

Office/Trading room: Hotel Rixos Libertas, Liechtensteinov put 3, Dubrovnik, Croatia



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