World’s top-earning hedge fund managers

Top 10 highest compensated hedge fund managers earned $10.2 billion in 2015. Woow, what a numbers!? If you take a look at this Top 10 chart, Kenneth Griffin from Citadel and James Simons from Renaissance technologies are share-ing 1st place with $1.7 billion earnings each. Amaizing, right!?

Aureus Invest top 10 world's hedge fund managers

Let me write this with numbers, the largest salary is $1,700.000.000,00. Now, this looks even more amaizing and stuning, right. One billion and seven hundred million US dollars. You probably can say to yourself, wooow, I would work one month for $141 million and then quit my job and spend the rest of my life living like a king, right!? Sure, most of us will do such a thing, but when the earning like this is coming to your account, you will probably decide to work more then a month for sure. But, where is the boundary? Who can spend so much money and where? Well, we will probably never know. What we can do is, to learn and to work best we can and try to catch some of those zero’s with 1 in front of them. How many zero’s will be behind that 1 is onaly up to us and a little bit of luck. But, we have to be persistent and stubborn in order to succeed, because all of that success and money don’t come easily. Take this chart just as a motivation for you and work hard how to succeed.

What can be a little bit strange is the earning of the hedge fund manager Ray Dalio, who is on 3rd place with $1,4 billion. Why I choose him? If you take a look at my article from March 16., Ray Dalio makes for his clients $4,9 in 2016 with his Bridgewater Associates, in total. As he operates $117,8 billion assets in total, it’s not so admirable on procentage, but for sure it’s not easy to make more. But, what you would say on this? He makes for himself $1,4 billion and for all his clients togehter, who gave him a $117,8 billion of assets, ‘only $4,9 billion’. Is that a little bit ironic? Sure it is, but that’s the price of his expertise and knowledge. This is the reward for all the hard work and dedication, for hard times that he went through the road to his success. And there was a hard times for him for sure, I quarantee that. Was it worth it? Apsolutely, as you can see on his earning table.

Take care and work hard, never give up on your dreams!

Mario Urlic

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