Aureus Invest Group is formed by “Aureus Invest Ltd.” London UK, a proprietary trading company and “Aureus invest IC Sicav plc.” Valletta MALTA, a start up Hedge Fund in the process of registration. Both companies are founded by professional trader with 15 years of experience in trading. We trade with different asset classes such as; Equities, CFDs, ETFs, Options/Futures, Commodities and Foreign Exchange. In between those opportunies we are focused mostly on foreign exchange with gold spot short term trading as our specialty.  More about us, please click here »»

Aureus Invest Group


Analysis, Education and Proprietary Trading

Since 2003 we are part of the most speculative world of finances, during which period we have gained a huge experience which we try to share with other traders worldwide. That’s how, at first we wrote over 200 analysis from 2013 to 2014 at Admiral Markets web site, after which in 2015 we have launched our blog Forex Trader, where we wrote over 700 articles till 2017. We educate amateur and help experienced traders to get the best insight into the most complex market in the world. Due the new psichological aproach, in 2017 we have reduced writing of the TA’s, which we will quit write in public in 2018.

In March 2017. we have launched a non-client proprietary trading firm Aureus Invest Ltd., while the Hedge Fund is in preparation to be launched in 2018. For more info, please click here »»

Aureus Invest education
Each year, on request of University of Dubrovnik we educate students of 2nd and 3rd year of economics and business economics. Live lectures about forex and stock markets.

Hedge Fund

In the beginning of 2016 we have decided to launch a hedge fund and started the registration procedure. As we want to start totaly prepared, during 2016/2017 we took the advantage of our know-how gained by experience in order to made a personal highly profitable trading strategy named FXtreme Hedge and tested the same. During the preparation period, we have decided for our hedge fund to be exclusively focused on foreign exchange, mostly on gold spot short term trading, but on majors and crude oil as well.

Aureus Invest (IC Sicav Plc) will be an umbrela fund registered in Valletta Malta and regulated by the FCA, CF30 licence. The fund will be launched during 2018, but the exact date will be published here in our web site. For more info, please click here »»



Minimum initial investment per Qualifying investor is €100,000 prescribed by the MSFA rules 2018. No minimum for subsequent investments. Fund can manage up to €100 milion max. Feel free to contact us for more details or how to set up a meeting.

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