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Aureus Invest is company founded by professionals with 14 years of experience in investments. Our mission is to create a diversified, but highly profitable portfolio by directly investing our capital speculative short term and in new or existing business ventures long term. That’s why we are focused in different asset classes such as stock and foreign exchange market, app’s and estate/tourism. We seek to capitalize on these opportunities in order to ensure the necessary liquidity for our group and for the investments how to multiply our capital long term.

Our management team aim to attract highly profitable smart and ambitious business projects, thoroughly evaluate the market potential and risk. Once the business plan evaluation phase in concluded and the project has been approved for investments, the business execution phase starts. At this stage, our experienced team provides direct management consultancy and strategic solutions to ensure a successful market entry and sustainable revenue stream.

Our structure provides a unique place for innovations and opportunity for employees and partners to work in best possible environment. It’s a place where you can learn about the best highly profitable short and long term investment strategies. Aureus Invest Ltd. is registered in London United Kingdom, with branch in Dubrovnik Croatia.


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Aureus Invest team have 14 years of experience in trading, with $180 million of turnover in stock markets and with $billions of turnover in foreign exchange. That’s why we take the advantage of our know-how gained by experience, in order to earn the money for constant liquidity of the company by short term trading. Mostly we are focused on opportunities in foreign exchange market, with gold spot personal trading strategy FXtreme.

With our FXtreme Trader programme, we educate ambitious but experienced traders who are ready to invest in their knowledge how to become a highly profitable short term forex traders. Our trading philosophy is totaly different from others and so are the results.

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Quickseek app

Aureus Invest is the co-owner of the almighty search app ‘Quickseek’, which was developed by Mario Urlic. Starting as an idea in 2012 with a project mybusinesscard, Mario launched the pilot web and worked for 3 years with customers and seed investors. With a same project Mario almost entered in the final of the Seedcamp Budapest, in between hundreds of applicants and then decided to quit the pilot project and develop a real one, the almighty search app Quickseek. The launching of the app is expected during the 2nd half of 2017.

If you are an App developer or Investor and see yourself as a team member, please contact us. More info coming soon…

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Aureus Invest offers a strictly selected cost effective and exclusive properties for sale in Dubrovnik area. A complete turn-key solution from aquisition to management and maintenance service. We are here to find a best solution for your investment. For more details please visit our web site » Estate Dubrovnik