With 16 years of experience in trading we are a living proof that persistence can transform a dream into reality. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients.

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Aureus Invest Ltd. is a firm registered 2017 in London UK under number 10681768. Aureus Invest Ltd. is not trading company.

Our team is working on establishment of Aureus Invest (IC Sicav) hedge fund which will be registered in Valletta Malta. A Société d’investissement à Capital Variable, or SICAV, is a publicly traded open-end investment fund structure offered in Europe. SICAV funds are similar to open-end mutual funds in the U.S. Shares in the fund are bought and sold based on the fund’s current net asset value.

Aureus Invest head office/trading room is located in Dubrovnik CRO, which is home town of our Founder and Fund Manager, Mr. Urlic. Our hedge fund will be a highly speculative fund with moderate risk. We are focused exclusively on Forex, primary on gold and oil, secondary on majors.


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