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Aureus Invest is an uncoventional proprietary trading firm founded by professionals with more then 14 years in trading. We invest our capital strategically across different asset classes such as Equities, CFDs, ETFs, Options/Futures, Commodities and Foreign Exchange. In between those opportunities, we are mostly focused on forex and gold spot strategies with short term trading. We seek to capitalize on these opportunities in order to ensure the necessary liquidity for our company and how to multiply our capital long term.

Our structure provides a unique place for innovations and opportunity for employees to work in best possible environment. It’s a place where you can learn about the best highly profitable short and long term trading strategies, such as our personal strategy ‘FXtreme’. Aureus Invest Ltd. is registered in London United Kingdom, with trading room in Dubrovnik Croatia.


Aureus Invest Hedge Fund

Our mission is to become a hedge fund as we have started the registration procedure. Investors and partners are welcome, all the details will be explained on meeting, or on personal request.


 The only source of knowledge is experience ♥ Albert Einstein

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Aureus Invest team have more then 14 years of experience in trading, with $180 millions of turnover in stock markets and with $billions of turnover in foreign exchange. That’s why we take the advantage of our know-how gained by experience, in order to earn the money for constant liquidity of the company by short term trading. Mostly we are focused on opportunities in foreign exchange market, with our personal trading strategy FXtreme®.

With our FXtreme Trader programme, we educate ambitious but experienced traders who are ready to invest in their knowledge how to become a highly profitable short term forex traders. Our trading philosophy is totaly different from others and so are the results.

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Management team

Mario Urlic

Mario Urlic – Founder, CEO & Fund Manager

In the stock exchange Mario began trading in 2003 with personal capital of $20,000. Until 2007 he turned his starting capital in to $500,000 and has made a turnover of $20 million by trading with personal account. The best portfolio performance achieved by trading shares was more then 380% in 12 months. Mario has extensive experience in the stock markets gained by working as a Branch manager for regulated stock broker HITA SECURITIES Inc., 2007>2016, through which he turned over $160 million. As Croatian National Bank didn’t allowed trading on forex before 2010, that was the beginning of his career on fx. Until today, he has more then 20,000 working hours on forex and has made a turnover of more then 30,000 (standard) lots on real accounts. During 2015 and 2016 he developed a unique personal and highly profitable trading strategy named FXtreme® and FXtreme Aggressive®. Mario Urlic is well known currency trader and analyst, world famous with his market move predictions from 2015 and 2016, when he wrote a blog 》

Nikolina Urlic – CFO & Risk Manager

Nikolina has been Mario’s ‘better half’ for more then 20 years and they have two beautiful daughters together. Mario states that Nikolina is the one who began trading with shares in 2003, after which he got a desire to try as well. Few weeks latter, they competed among each other, who is to make more profit. That’s how Nikolina pushed Mario to the highest limits and beyond. In 2007 Nikolina started to work as a Stock broker in the branch office of the same company, HITA SECURITIES Inc. That’s how she has got an extensive experience in the stock markets as well, through which she has turned over $100 million by trading for clients. She turned over $5 million in trading stocks with her’s personal account. Nikolina always preferred a long term trading with stocks and by her nature, she is calm and not ready to risk much in trading. That’s why she will control the risk on all trading accounts in our firm and be focused exclusively on stocks trading.

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Aureus Invest Ltd.

“Aureus Invest Ltd.” is registered company under number: 10681768. It’s incorporated on 21st March of 2017, with address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N17GU, United Kingdom. Company type is private limited.

Why Aureus Invest?

Mario Urlic, the founder, decided to named the company Aureus Invest because of the colleration in between him, the Aureus coin and our trading strategy. ‘The Aureus’ is a golden coin from ancient Rome, but the one which describes us and our business nature the best is the one from 69AD to 79AD, the Imperial of Vespasian with raging bull from the back side.

aureus coin

This coin totaly represent our expertise and Mario’s nature. At first, Mario is globaly well known as a gold analyst and trader, as gold spot is the main ‘element’ of his personal trading strategy FXtreme®. On the other hand, looking at his persistence to succeed in the most difficult financial market, neglecting all the difficulty in this way, we can’t describe him differently than as a raging bull who has only one goal, to win and to succeed.